Richard A Stucke, Pastor, Gethsemane Baptist Church

The Character Trait Journal, written by my friend and fellow minister in the Gospel of God’s grace, Winston Menzies, is both timely and much needed. It seems we find ourselves ministering to a generation that has moved far, far away from the Biblical moorings that have, in the past, produced men and women of great character. It is not that there are none today who have pinned their worth to the moorings of Biblical character, but far less. There are surely not as many as are needed to stem the tide of the ever-encroaching chracterlessness that has besieged our nation, yeah, even our world. 
It is for this reason The Character Trait Journal is so needed. For those who read, contemplate, strive to put these character traits to practical use in their daily living, I am persuaded that they will be immeasurable help. Each trait is written from personal knowledge and the deep experience of having seen the blessings of God upon their application. To this end, all who will read and heed them will likewise be blessed!
It is my prayer that this work will be widely used for God to challenge everyone who comes in contact with it to live a life of true character. I pray that they may attain to that which was said about our Lord in Luke 2:52: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Surely this is the best measure of the results of Biblical character, and where properly applied, it would rescue the present generation and save the next.