Bob Bird, Pastor,The Lighthouse of Hope Church & President, Bird Family Insulation

Winston Menzies is a master teacher who has provided us with a life-changing manual filled who the practical foundational building-blocks of character. Each character quality is a conversation with “life couch” Winston Menzies, whereupon you can construct your life’s foundation. Arrange the traits in the priority you want to first apply. Do you want a life of adventure, true success and fulfill dreams without regret and sorrow? Take a few minutes each day to study¬†The Character Trait Journal, then practice the application as he instructs and your life will be transformed into the life you’ve always dreamed of. But don’t stop with yourself! When read together as a family, perhaps at the dinner table,¬†The Character Trait Journal will anchor your children in the practical applications of character. It will reward you with a generation who can grow into mighty oak trees! Thank you Brother Menzies for this timeless, priceless gift of character training!