Herbert A Peavy, Jr., President, The Horizon Foundation

I recently read the book entitled The Noticer Returns  in which the author discussed the need for a gold standard for raising our youth. He was teaching a group of young couples who, like so many today, were trying to juggle their efforts between raising their children and pursuing the American dream. He never identifies the gold standard but makes it known that we definitely need to find it because of the encroachment of world values in to the lives of our children. Statistics show that of all the young people of high school age presently engaged in church. 70% will be gone by age 22 and 80% by the time they are 29. These figures are alarming to say the least. In my mind, this gold standard should encompass a vehicle that would enable parents to engraft the godly character and ideals of our Founding Fathers into the hearts and minds of their children. Shortly after I finished this book, I was given a copy of a writing which I believe could be the “Silver Bullet” to answer this great need. It is a book by my longtime friend, Winston Menzies, which teaches the principals and ideals of which I speak. The other part of the equation is parents who know otherwise. The book I speak and feel so strongly about is The Character Trait Journal. It contains over twelve years of material that will enrich the hearts and minds of our youth and do the same for the parents who teach it. I sincerely believe this journal is a “Godsend” for such a time as this.