Sample #4

Respect For Authority & Others

The others day I noticed a bumper sticker that said, “Challenge authority.” In a world full of rebellion that has little respect for anybody or anything, that may seen like a reasonable, trendy approach. However, in God’s hierarchal system of order, that kind of attitude will surely cut off one’s blessings, extinguish all divine favor and will likely shorten your life.

When we look at nature, we probably won’t even see it but God has set up this invisible, hierarchical system of government in the earth. He is the head of all things, the head of Christ and Christ is the head of the church. Children, subsequently, are commanded to obey their parents and this is the first commandment with a promise. In so doing, God promises our children that they will enjoy long life. Everywhere we go, we will find someone is in authority. Every home, business and every little league baseball team has someone in charge. If we show them respect and obey their wished, we will find favor, opportunity and blessings. If we oppose those those in leadership, we will find rebuke and, more than likely, disaster in our relationship. It is our decision. Whatever you want, it is there awaiting  your response. Life is all about interacting with other people here on earth and especially those in authority. People who have no self-respect  and those who have never been taught respect by their parents, usually have the greatest problem with this concept and, therefore, life in general. The Word of God promises us that faithfulness and obedience in the smallest things brings more opportunities and likely even some authority in due time. but you can’t have authority unless you respect authority.

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